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I started this Breitling information site because I noticed a lack of information on Breitling watches on the internet. There was always something I could not find, or had to spend a ridiculous amount of time to find it. Information on calibers/movements, bracelets, casebacks, and model productions years among other things were always so difficult to find!

Site News

June 4h, 2020 - Been slowly adding more and more manuals as I have a big stash of vintage manuals that I have been putting into the Breitling User Manuals page.

July 7th, 2019 - Updated several models, added the Old Navitimer I as well as added all the Breitling for Bentley user manuals. Many more updates to come!

Febrauary 5th, 2019 - We are now Secure! SSL Certificates have been installed. Stay tuned for more updates on the horizon.

September 13h, 2017 - Added a whole bunch of missing models that recently came out. Also added a bunch of Manuals that were missing as well.

This site does focus mainly on more recent models, concentrating primarily on Breitlings from the 80's and newer, but we have a great growing Breitling Vintage Forum. There are lots of extremely informative sites and forums out there which have even more information on Breitling watches, but I am trying to create a complete model list with gallery and specifications among other things. This site is also intended as a way for potential internet users to spot fakes and replicas on the internet and in real life.

Feel free to email me with any information that may be incorrect, or additional information of pictures that you may wish to provide so that we can have the most complete Breitling resource on the internet!