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B01 Chronomat but what is really under the case back?
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Author:  Jftman [ Fri Jun 17, 2022 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  B01 Chronomat but what is really under the case back?

Here is a watch off the bay that I took a chance on. Mainly bcuz I called to inquire about fraud protection. Now and maybe bcuz ebay wants to help with bad transactions with fakes. Some Listings come with a drop ship contracted authentication service. Really nice touch.

Well this watch did not, BUT the ebay rep explained the money is with held until I get the watch and do not find it a fake. So yeah. I am looking to see What is Under the Hood??? Japanese a decent one, or worst, LOL

So, with the pics I had to go on, What do Ya’ll think?
And not to plant seeds of doubt, just for my over all impression, How about the date window and number font, size?? Me , I can’t be sure. The pic has 25 but will the other numbers reveal a more blatant misnomer??

Pretty Anxious, wondering what my $1000.00 has in store here.
Chronomat is your everyday model relatively with a mechanical movement. Worth the money say not as a B01 piece? Damn, to tell you the truth, if it was the other movement besides the in house job, I prolly would have passed! Ha.

Author:  1952 [ Thu Aug 04, 2022 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: B01 Chronomat but what is really under the case back?

That sounds too cheap to be true. The strap isn't genuine is it?
Do all of the chrono hands work?

On the face of it, it appears OK however a "good" copy of this does exist, albeit with a sunken datewheel.

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