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Author:  breitlingsource [ Tue Oct 23, 2007 6:37 am ]


1. No advertising or links to commercial websites in your signatures. If you want to link to a gallery of your watches that happens to be a commercial site such as Photobucket or Flickr, that is fine. Also if you're going to put a nice fancy banner in your sig, please keep it reasonable height and no wider than 950 pixels. Forum sponsors of course are allowed to link to their commercial sites in their signatures.

2. Name-calling and insults are childish and will not be tolerated.

3. Please only post eBay auctions in the "Replica Breitling Identification" sub-forum, or in the dedicated "Ebay and Other Deals, Great Finds" sub-forum. Occasional funny eBay auction posts may be allowed in other forums, if they are pertinent to the topic.

4. Do not discuss where to buy or sell replicas as it is not the goal of this forum to promote the Buying and Selling of Replicas. Educating others on the flaws of replicas is okay (in the Replica Breitling Identification sub-forum), but discussion on where to buy them is not. Any links posted to replica websites, even in an educational post, will be deleted.

5. Please do not cross-post the same message in multiple forums: one post in the correct forum will be fine, and will prevent duplicate responses.

6. One account per user! Unless you lost your password or something and the other account is inactive. No duplicate accounts for giving yourself fake positive feedback, etc. This should go without saying.

7. Please ensure that your posts are both family-friendly and safe-for-work. This means keeping swearing to a minimum - certainly no F's or C's - and no semi-nudity, nudity or anything otherwise suggestive in pictures. Always ask yourself if you'd be happy with what you are about to post appearing on your computer screen at work in the office, or in front of your kids/wife/mother/grandmother. If you are at all unsure, then it's probably not OK to post it, but feel free to run it past the moderation team first.

8. If you have a question about Breitling watches, please try the search function in the first instance, and/or check the FAQ here to see if it is answered before posting a thread, thank you.

9. Respect your fellow posters! Not everyone is the same as you or has the same opinion as you, so please try and be open-minded. Respect other people's opinions and they will respect yours.

10. Private watch (and watch related) sales, and WTB adverts, must only be posted in the "Buy/Sell/Trade" sub-forum. For additional rules/guidelines concerning buying and selling via this forum, please read the Buying and Selling Rules here before commencing sales.

11. Any posts or topics that the moderation team deems offensive and/or contrary to the posting guidelines outlined above, shall either be locked or deleted by the moderation team entirely at our discretion. Contrary to what you may think, this is not a democracy! If any member wishes for further information on why a specific post/thread was deleted or locked, then requests should be directed to the moderation team via PM only, and not on the public forum.

Moderation Team:
Please respect the moderation team, they are here to try and keep the user experience good for the majority of our users.

breitlingsource - This is me, I am the administrator and owner of the site and forum. I throw the occasional raffle, try to slowly improve the board, add features here and there, keep the board software updated and all those mundane background things :)

Driver8 & Roffensian - D8 and Roff keep people in line, kill spam and delete/ban spammers, move threads around that are posted in the wrong places, keep an eye out for scammers and abusers on the buy/sell forum, and try to answer questions that members ask that often get missed by the other members. In general, they try to keep the place running smoothly.

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