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Help with identification of vintage Breitling model
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Author:  karlel [ Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:08 am ]
Post subject:  Help with identification of vintage Breitling model


I am fairly new to vintage watches (so far i only own one vintage omega). I came over a in my opinion beautiful vintage Breitling watch on an pawnshop site site but i canĀ“t identify which model it is which also makes it impossible for me to research the model and verify that it is not a fake. Should there be a reference number on it like it does on the omegas? i cant seem to find it though i have tried to search on the internet on the number which you can see on the back of the case(19022) and the front of the case(685063). I will attach the photos from the auction here! The asking price is 400$, do you think that that is a fair price?

I am very grateful for any help!

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