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Sourcing vintage 1940s/1950s leather straps
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Author:  daOnlyBG [ Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Sourcing vintage 1940s/1950s leather straps

So, this is a long shot.

I've recently acquired a Breitling chronograph from the 1940s/50s. Would love to find a Breitling leather strap from the era, just for kicks. Not much on EBay but I'll continue searching. Would anyone have any other leads?

Thanks in advance

Author:  davedc74 [ Wed Oct 06, 2021 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sourcing vintage 1940s/1950s leather straps

Watches from that era came on unmarked straps. You wont find a "Breitling leather strap from that era". So find a period-correct strap and enjoy your vintage watch.

Author:  Zsr [ Sun Nov 14, 2021 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sourcing vintage 1940s/1950s leather straps

But maybe somebody knows and is willing to share who made these straps for breitling, does somebody has a nos strap on his nos breitling (1950 and the mid 1960s style)
For omega and breitling the maker for the bracelets in these eara’s is known.
Maybe original pics of a lizard, goatskin, plain padded leather which was original sold on the breitling. The vintage adds are only so so. A picture or two of a strap for a breitling 806 1967 ?
Buckles where not signed but which shape do these have.
Knowing from decades of collecting omega speedmasters, Some people know, are hoarding, write a “bible” of all the navitimers info and each little detail like the moonwatch only book and start selling stuff the got for penny’s for gold. Not saying this will (but could happen on vintage navitimers) but I hope this knowledge is sheared, so we still all have a change to hunt one down on the eBay jungle. I found little concrete info on the vintage straps. (Besides what is to deduct from adds)

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