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New Forum! Post deals & auctions! Shameless Self-Promotion!
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Author:  breitlingsource [ Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:37 am ]
Post subject:  New Forum! Post deals & auctions! Shameless Self-Promotion!

Hey Guys, I've merged the dealer's corner and buy/sell together since the dealers are not many, and they do not post that often so it is not that disruptive to the fabric of the buy/sell section anyway. The Dealer's corner was getting a bit stale so this should help action everywhere in general. I've also added the Ebay/Deals/Great finds section in the Trading Post, where you CAN post any local deals or your own auctions or other auctions that you think are a good deal. This section is designed for your own shameless promotion or spam, you can post a sale at your own store or whatever.. so commercial users that are not sponsors, feel free to do a little promotion here. If you have tons of ebay listings and are a commercial ebay seller, please compile into one post. And please remember, this is for DEALS and New Promotions, not for just a general promotion of your store. Abuse it too much and you will lose posting privileges here.

This is for you guys to post sales and stuff without (hopefully) too much moderation, enjoy!

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