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BSBB - Were It The First Blacksteel Run...
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Author:  nickzac [ Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BSBB - Were It The First Blacksteel Run...

I like it. I preferred the more traditional Blackbird without the BS or red dials, but I think that it looks good and it's one BS model I'd buy. The jewelers I know told me when BS first came out it was the biggest thing in ages and everyone wanted it, but now that want has dwindled as a BS Breitling isn't really "limited". But the Blackbird seems to have a strong following so I imagine it in BS or not will always be a steady seller. IMO the Blackbird is one of those watches that makes a statement as to everything the maker is about and I absolutely love it. The red on this adds a nice touch and I bet it looks killer with a brown shark or croc strap stitched with beige thread Panerai style. But a BS Pilot is really in need given how nice the Pilot bracelet is.

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