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 Post subject: What Happens in Vegas...
PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:37 am 
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Breitling Enthusiast

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I'm just your average gent who, perhaps like many of you reading this, appreciates the wonders-'n-joys of mechanical (and certain HEQ) timepieces, especially the higher-end ones. So, while on a holiday trip to Las Vegas with my wife, I set upon my much-anticipated marathon that would take me in and around the upscale watch retailers that populate the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops and the other hotel esplanades. (My wife didn't accompany me on this particular adventure because, as she's made clear many times previous, she'd rather suffer back-to-back viewings of “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” than have to spend one more single solitary scintilla of a second with yours truly in another "fancy watch store".) To continue, I wasn't intending to buy at all -- only to look -- since I already own my grail de jour (a Sea-Dweller) and, besides, I'm not big on purchasing watches new, especially when the various FS and FT forums more than meet my needs when it comes to buying and selling pre-loved watches.

Anyway, while my eyes were watering and my jaw was dropping over a stunning $250,000 Breguet tourbillon in one of these shops, the salesman, undoubtedly mistaking me for Jeff Bezos despite the prominent pompadour perched atop my noggin, asked if I cared to have the Breguet removed from the glass showcase in order for me to have a "closer look". I very graciously but unhesitatingly declined. Sure, I would love to have seen that beauty caressing my wrist, even for a fleeting moment; however, echoing from the far reaches of the saner side of my brain, was that old familiar and cautionary retail adage: "You break it, you've bought it".

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when, next, the salesman politely "reminded" me that the Breguet I was undressing with my eyes was "the very last one, sir", as if to suggest that these quarter-million dollar marvels were flying off the shelves like new-generation iPhones at a free Apple Store give-away, or that leaving the shop without that tasty tourbillon in tow could be the sorriest mistake of my sorry little life. At the same time, I'm thinking... it could be THE last Breguet on the planet Earth, let alone in this dreamboat of a watch shop, yet I'd still prefer not to have to sell my lovely suburban home and live in a cardboard box under a bridge in order to pay for that tiny slice of horologic heaven. (It's, sadly, a long way from the blackjack tables to a $250,000 Breguet, even if you double down and split aces every hand, especially at the five-dollar tables.)

Of course, the sales staff don't really know who you are or who you aren't, so every curious gawker like myself is a prospective buyer, and sales reps are just doing their jobs, honorably and admirably. Moreover, it's often fun to engage in some watch-talk with these folks, as many are fairly brand-knowledgeable, friendly and at times even curious or impressed about your own display of "WIS-ability".

The experience certainly made the trip more enjoyable, even if that breathtaking Breguet had to stay in everything else that happens in Vegas!

"Hey sweetie, that a new watch you're wearing?"....
"No hun, got this one A-G-E-S ago."

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