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Just a few pointers on funnies...
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Author:  Driver8 [ Fri Aug 22, 2008 5:09 am ]
Post subject:  Just a few pointers on funnies...

While we want to keep it all as nice and relaxed as ever, this section is most likely to be the place where things can be posted that may offend some people. We're certainly not looking to censor things, but if everyone can just remember the following gentle suggestions that'd be great.....

Firstly, please keep the swearing to a min. (For example, no overt F's and C's please!).

Secondly, no nudity please. I'm sure most of us adults wouldn't have a problem with it per se, but the net is a big place with a wide audience of all ages, so let's leave that kind of thing to the more errr....."dedicated" sites please!

Thirdly, and without bowing too much to political correctness here, please remember that the membership comprises of many people from many different countries, backgrounds and cultures, so just be mindful that what may seem funny to you, may be deeply offensive to others.

Lastly, try not to post things that are in truly hideously bad taste! If you think something is possibly too much, then you are probably right! Please remember the site is open to all - men, women and children, so let's all bear that in mind.

At the time of writing, no-one has really overstepped the mark yet (in other words no-one has complained!), but as the membership grows, the risk increases that someone might.... and we want to be keeping mods to a minimum.

OK, lets keep those gags coming! :thumbsup:

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