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what do seniors do with their time?
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Author:  forrfun [ Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  what do seniors do with their time?

the other day i was leaving a store and there was a policeman writing a ticket.

i went over to him and said "can't you give a senior a break?" he continued writing the ticket and ignored me.

i was getting a little steamed, so i let him know it. he finished writing the ticket and proceeded to start a new one for a mechanical violation.

now i was really getting upset, and with rising voice i started to chastise him. again, he finished the ticket, tucked it next to the other and began yet another.

this went on for some time with the pile of paper under the wiper continuing to grow and push it further away from the windshield. he calmly finished and without saying a word in response during all this time, left.

while i was standing there looking at this, another person who had witnessed everything, came over and asked me what i was going to do now. i said "no problem, my car is around the corner".

(as related by the click and clack tappet bros.)

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