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Author:  Driver8 [ Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:53 am ]
Post subject:  * NEW FORUM PROJECT 2019 *

Due to the reduced traffic on the forum compared to yesteryear, I thought I'd put up a global announcement to draw people's attention to the relevant thread HERE -

For those of you who haven't been part of one of these projects before, they're great fun and they represent a chance to have a say in the design of something that will then get made in limited numbers, and that you can then own. In the case of a watch, it's a chance to have a hand in building something that will very likely outlive you! How many people can say that? From a personal perspective it's a great feeling whenever I see one of the watches we designed on here almost 10 years ago, popping up on the internet with people saying it's a grail piece for them to own. :bow:

If you're interested in knowing more about the last one we ran, check out the posts on page 6 backwards in the Projects Forum under the title of LE II - viewforum.php?f=25&start=250

Of course, while a watch build would be my personally preferred concept, as Altair says in his initiation thread we can look to try to get almost anything off the ground as a project, so don't be shy and post up your ideas!

Lastly, I know forums have taken something of a downward turn in recent years in the wake of FB and Instagram, and it seems more people are content to look and not post, but these forum community projects really are great things and I heartily encourage you to consider it.

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