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PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:33 pm 
Breitling Newbie
Breitling Newbie

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Thank you for the help identifying this Venus 150/151 movement. Much appreciated.

I wish you could see this watch in person. It would dispel any concerns about the beautifully aged dial (I just wish that water damage wasn't present) and even the movement. I don't know if its just my camera, but my pictures never do watches justice.


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:32 pm 
Breitling Connoisseur
Breitling Connoisseur

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I just finished restoring a ref 787 with a 152 movement. Because this one came in pieces, I had to sort a lot of parts to put it together. I found there were a lot more differences than I thought between the 150/152 and 175/178 besides the size and the items mentioned previously by Rolf:
Operating lever
Operating lever hook
Coupling clutch spring
Operating lever spring
Pillar wheel jumper
I know that this is about all the books mention but here are a few more. The easiest way to tell by looking at the movements without knowing the size is the separate bridge for the escapement wheel - the 175/178 has a bridge that covers the escapement wheel and 4th wheel. Also on the 150/152:
The MS barrel is smaller and the MS is different.
The ratchet wheel is smaller.
Balance bridge is smaller and so is the balance.
Hammer is smaller and the hammer spring is different.
There may be more but that is all I can think of for now. All of these movements are not fun to work on for many reasons. I'll take a Valjoux 23/72 any day over these. Craig

S. Craig Bergsma

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PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2021 7:58 am 
Breitling Connoisseur
Breitling Connoisseur

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Grabbing an old post ...
Currently working on 3 generations of Chronomat 769 and 808 with different versions of Venus 175 , I encountered difficulties with a very early Chronomat , and here are my observations .
My 1st Chronomat is very early , probably 1941 / SN 484xxx with Singer branding , so a version sold on turkish market .
The Venus 175 inside has a particularity , the balance diameter is 12mm and not the standard 14mm , AND the balance place in mainplate is sized for a 12mm dia balance , so I had to replace it by a ...Venus 150 balance . Pallet fork bridge and balance cock with 3 locating pins are common with Venus 150, different shape from further Venus with cock located by 2 pins .
In fact the only real difference btw Venus 150 ( 13"' ) and this early Venus 175 (14"' ) is the mainplate size .
I have also used parts from an older version of Venus 175 - unknown origin - with major differences : barrel bridge ( #106) also covers the fourth wheel (#225) and there is a small bridge only for escape wheel ...compared to "classic" V175 with a barrel bridge and a #110 train wheel bridge which holds fourth wheel + escape wheel .
The 2nd Chronomat SN 508xxx dated 1942-43 has a " classic" V175 with Côtes de Geneve.
There are also some minor evolutions of springs as noted by Craig .
The 3rd Chronomat SN 647xxx dated 1946 has a classic V175 with code TJ and Breitling engaved chrono bridge corresponding to Breitling specific calibers.
On the Chronomat 808 the Venus 175 has major specificities compared to " standard" Venus 175 :
- copper finish
- code TJ
- "radial" dial screws like on Valjoux 7730
- incablocs like on Valjoux 7730
- specific balance cock with adustable regulator

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